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How To Keep Your AC System Cooling Consistently



We’d like to talk to you about your AC system. We’re getting into the summer heat. We find that many homeowners become concerned because their system cools well overnight or in the morning, but it doesn’t cool as well in the heat of the afternoon. 



Make Sure Your Filter Is Placed In Correct Direction



When your AC system isn’t cooling properly, it’s often due to maintenance issues, like dirty filters or coils. At the beginning of summer is a great time to put a clean filter in place. The most common filter, the 1” filter, is very easy to replace. They usually go up to the ceiling or slide into the bottom of your inside air conditioning unit. The filters have an arrow on them that shows you the direction you should slide them into your unit. If you look at the filters you’ll see that they have a pleated side, and then the other side has a wire backing. The wire supports the filter so that the suction of your blower doesn’t pull the filter into the system. Be careful to make sure you put your filters in the right way!


Rinse Your AC Unit



Your outside unit doesn’t have a filter, but it does need rinsing off. Right now we’re getting a lot of service calls that are due to cottonwood pollen getting pulled in to the outdoor unit. You probably know cottonwood trees—they’re very common here in North Texas and they put out a lot of pollen! All that pollen can get into your coils and block them up. This outside coil is what rejects the heat from your house. If it’s clogged up and can’t reject that heat, your unit will struggle in the afternoons! You can unblock them yourself by taking a hose and spraying water not on the hail guards in front, but actually into your unit to get the dust and pollen off the coils. If it’s been several years since you’ve done any maintenance on your unit the panels may have to be taken off to get the coils clean. In that case, a chemical wash can be used to really clean off any sticky things or caked-on dirt. 


Once your filter is clean and your coils are clean, that will get your system cooling in the afternoons again. Simple maintenance like this you can do yourself, and you can prevent a service call. If you’re ever not sure, or not happy with the way your system is working, we’re happy to come out and take a look at it for you, check your freon, see what we can do to get your house cool again!

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