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Indoor Air Quality McKinney TX


Breathe Cleaner Air & Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality at Home


It’s cold and flu season, but we can help promote healthy indoor air quality in your home! We offer a system called REME HALO® In-duct Air Purifier that we can install in our HVAC systems. This will kill 99% of the viruses, mold, and mildew in your air system. This includes bacteria and cold and flu viruses! When you’re sick and you sneeze, you send the virus into the air all around you, which is how other people get sick. This system will kill those airborne germs.



Helps With Allergies



If you use the REME-HALO with an extra filtration system it will help with your allergies. We actually had one customer whose son had severe asthma—he had bad flare-ups every week. We put an electric air cleaner and a REME-HALO in his unit, and after that, his son had bad flare-ups only every few months.


How We Install The REME-HALO Unit



To install these UV-light systems we cut a hole into your air conditioning plenum, the box attached to the supply outlet of your system. We screw the UV system into that, and then it wires right into the electric panel on your air handler. That way you don’t ever have to mess with it. When we come to do your service we’ll check it and make sure it’s working well. And then every time air flows through your system, the REME-HALO cleans it!


Give us a call if you’d like to talk about what one of these systems can do for your home! Our expert HVAC contractors are able to install a wide variety of air filtration systems, air decontaminating UV lamps, dehumidifiers and humidifiers for homes in Frisco, McKinney TX and surrounding areas.

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