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Spring is here! The days are longer, the birds are singing, and the pollen is everywhere. The temperatures have been nice and cool, but you know that this is Texas and a hot summer is just around the corner. That’s why spring is an important time to get your air conditioning system serviced. We want to make sure your unit is working well so it can handle that summer heat and keep you cool!

When we come out to give your unit a spring tune-up we give everything a thorough check, hitting everything on our maintenance checklist:

1. Outside Unit.


We give your outside unit a visual inspection. Then we check the freon, the capacitors, and all the electrical components. We test your compressor and fan motor to make sure that the amp draws on those are good and that the starting amps are not too high.

We also take a hose and wash the outside unit, to make sure it’s free of dust and debris.


2. Inside Unit.


We will go up into your attic where again we will visually inspect the unit. We check your air filter to make sure it’s clean. Remember, your air filter is important! Your system will not work efficiently if your air filter is dirty.

3. Drain Lines.


We also check your drain lines. If they’re clogged or dirty we can clean the line by using a cartridge of carbon dioxide to blow out the line. After that, we use a condensate drain cleaner. These are treatment tablets that we add to your condensate drain pain. They dissolve slowly and clean the drain as they dissolve. This keeps your lines running free and clean all year!

When all that is done your air conditioner is in good shape and ready to handle another Texas summer! We’d love to come out and make sure you will be staying comfortable this summer. Now is the perfect time to book a spring air conditioning tune-up.

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