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HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Frisco TX

Fall Maintenance Inspections


This is the time of year when we’re checking furnaces, to make sure you’re ready for cooler weather!

In Your Attic:

In your attic, you either have an electric air handler or a gas furnace. When we check your gas furnace we’re going to make sure it’s burning safely. You have several safety features in your furnace, and we’ll make sure they’re all good, and that everything is operating as it should be.

We’ll check your blower motor, which is the thing that moves the air through the ductwork. We’ll check the capacitor, the bearings, everything.

The First Time You Turn On The Furnace:

When you fire the furnace up it burns the gas and comes out as a burnt flue gas out of the top of your unit. We will then check your carbon monoxide levels to make sure that the furnace is burning properly, and that the gas and air mixture is proper.

Once we make sure everything is safe, you can turn your heat on for the winter!


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