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How Often You Should Change Your Filter


Let’s talk about filters.

You know you’re supposed to change the filter for your air conditioner. But do you know how often to do it?

4 Inch Filter


It really depends on what kind of filter you have, and how you operate your system. Filters come in different depths. For instance, some units take filters that are 4 inches deep. These filters usually have deep pleats in them, and they can go for several months before you need to change them out. If you keep your house fan switched to “on” all the time, you will probably need to change a 4-inch pleated filter every 6 months. If you keep your house fan on “auto,” so that it’s not running all the time, you might be able to make a 4-inch filter last for a whole year.

With this kind of filter, we can just change it out for you whenever we do our twice-yearly service on your air conditioning/heating unit. If you run your fan all the time, we’ll change the heater out at each service. If you run your fan only part of the time, we may only need to change that filter for you once a year.

1 Inch Filter


Other systems take filters that are only 1 inch deep. These need to be changed every 1 to 3 months, depending on how much you run your system. Right now the temperature has been running right around 70 degrees, so you’re probably not running your air conditioning much and your filter can last longer. During times when you don’t have to run your AC much, you might be able to change a 1-inch filter every three months. But when it gets hot and you start needing your air conditioner to run all the time, you will have to change it more often.

There are many different kinds of filters. We’d love to talk to you about which ones are best for you and your system, and how often to change them so that you get the best efficiency, to keep you comfortable and keep your electric bill low!  We also have filters in our office if you need to swing by to replace yours.

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