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How To Control The Humidity In Your Home


Today let’s talk about humidity and your air conditioning system.

Why humidity is difficult to control



Here in North Texas, we know about humidity, don’t we? But do you know how it affects your home? It affects our comfort. We want to cool and heat our houses, but it’s the humidity that dictates the comfort of the house. It seems like the humidity is always too high or too low. Either we feel like the air is too dry, or we’re sticky, clammy and sweaty, even if the house is cool. 

If you maintain your system properly, one normal side effect of running your air conditioner is that it dehumidifies the air. It pulls the water out of the air. 

Proactive Ways To Control Your Home’s Humidity



Keeping the coils clean, keeping the filter clean and having the proper size of ducting will help keep your house at a comfortable level of humidity. Humidity wants to equalize. The system will dehumidify the air while it’s operating, but if you have a leaky house humidity will infiltrate from outside the house. One way you can prevent this is to seal your ceiling grills—this will prevent humidity from coming in from the attic because attics are vented to the outside. 


Another factor in controlling the humidity of your home is the size of your air conditioning system. Systems that are oversized will cool too fast. But if it cools your house too fast it won’t remove moisture from the air and you won’t be as comfortable.



How Installing a Dehumidifier Can Help


If your house still needs help getting rid of excess humidity you can get a dehumidifier. Aprilaire makes a great one, and we do install those! 

There are also some systems that have variable speed motors with dehumidification programs. Modern systems that have variable speed blowers and enhanced dehumidification programs will run slower at times to keep the equipment colder and wick out a lot more water.

So when we think of comfort, it’s not just heating and cooling. Comfort is also the control of humidity!



Give us a call here at All Systems! We can do the maintenance on your unit and get it all cleaned out for you to get and keep your home comfortable. And if you’re looking at a new system or a dehumidifier, we can help you with that too!

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