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How to Program a Thermostat


Let’s talk about thermostats and how to set them for this time of year, when it’s cold at night but hot in the daytime, and you have to have heating and cooling all in one day.


On a typical thermostat, you have three different settings for the system: off, cool, heat or auto. This time of year when it’s likely to be hot during the day but cold at night you want to use the “auto” setting. That way you don’t have to keep going back and forth turning on the heater or the air conditioner.


The “Auto” Setting


On a typical thermostat when you use the “auto” setting you turn it on and set your cooling temperature. Let’s say you choose 75 degrees. At this setting, if your house temperature gets up to 75 degrees, your air conditioner will kick on. You can also set a temperature for your heater. If you choose 70 degrees, then when the house temperature goes below 70 your heater will turn on. This way you can keep your house in a comfortable temperature range without having to constantly mess with turning systems on or off.


Smart Thermostats


Most thermostats have this auto feature. Some thermostats are “smarter,” like the Trane Communicating Thermostat. These are only available if you have a Trane system installed in your house, but they also allow you to set the system to “auto” and then monitor the temperature to see if you need to have the heater or the air conditioner come on. There are other types of “smart” thermostats as well.


Whichever thermostat you have, if you use the “auto” setting to keep your home in a comfortable temperature range it not only saves you the hassle of having to keep turning the heat or air conditioner on or off, but it also keeps your house at an even temperature and saves you money on your electric bill.


If you have any questions about thermostats or how to keep your house comfortable, give us a call!

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