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What We Do On a Maintenance Inspection


Have you ever wondered what we do when we come out to do a service call on your air conditioner?


When you are one of our customers with a maintenance agreement with us, here’s what we do. We start by making sure all our paperwork is in order, and that we have all the information we need about you and your unit.


In The Attic


We go up into the attic. There we check your air filter and make sure it’s clean. Remember, your system will not work efficiently if your air filter is dirty.


Drain Lines


We clean out your drain line with a condensate drain line cleaner. This has a little cartridge of carbon dioxide in it, and I use that to blow out the drain line. After that, we add pan treatment tablets to your condensate pan. These will dissolve slowly and clean the drain as they dissolve.


Check Outside Unit


We also check your outside unit. We check the Freon and all the electrical components like capacitors and contactors. We check the amp draws on the fan motor and the compressor, to make sure the starting amps are not too high.


We give everything a thorough check, hitting everything on our maintenance checklist.


Wash Your Unit


The last thing we do is we take the water hose and wash the unit off. Once we get that done, your entire system has been checked out and cleaned up! You’ll be able to face another Texas summer knowing that your air conditioner is in good shape.


We’d love to come out and take a look at your unit to get you in shape for the summer! Now is a great time to schedule your service, before it gets hot enough to put a strain on your system. Call us and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment!

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