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Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System

Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System


It’s springtime! It’s been nice so far, but we all know summer is coming. Summer in Texas puts a big strain on our air conditioning systems. You want to make sure that your system is functioning well before summer hits—it’s no fun when your air conditioner goes out and it’s 100 degrees outside!


We get a lot of homeowners who ask us what they can do to maintain their air conditioning systems. Three things come to mind:


  1. Check your air filters!  Pull your air filters out and inspect them. Typically you need to change them every 60-90 days for a one-inch filter, or every six months for a four-inch filter. If your filters are dirty, change them! This will definitely help with your airflow and your cooling.


  1. Wash the condenser.  The second thing you should do is to wash off your outside condenser. Get all the dust and dirt off the inside of your coils. This will help maintain your system and help it operate more efficiently, which makes it work less during the summer and saves you money!


  1. Treat your drain lines.  In your attic, or in the closet, you’ll find some PVC pipe that comes off of your unit’s evaporator coil. If you can treat the inside of that line with a little bit of bleach, it will help removed any mildew or growth inside there that traps dust particles and creates clogs.


If you do these things, they will help your system run more efficiently, and hopefully, help prevent any service calls during the summer!


But if you do need any help with your system, give us a call. We’ll take care of everything for you! We’ll check your system for any issues. We’ll check your Freon, and do whatever it takes to get your system running well and your house cool for the summer!

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