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Vacation Tips


Vacation Tips For Your AC System


Lots of people go on trips during summertime. What should you do with your air conditioner while you’re out of town? Here are three tips for making sure your air conditioner is set for summer vacations:

1. Set your thermostat to vacation mode.


Some of you have newer thermostats that let you set a vacation mode. Vacation mode lets you set the house to a certain temperature, and it stays there until you get back.

If you aren’t able to set a vacation mode, we recommend setting your thermostat to stay at about 80-85 degrees while you’re gone. You don’t want your house to heat up too much while you’re gone because then it will take a long time to recover once you’re back. Plus if it’s too warm in your house it will also be humid. A high humidity level in your house can damage furniture, or your electronics, etc. 80-85 degrees is usually a good temperature to keep things at while you’re gone.

Look around on your thermostat. Usually, there is some way to set a temperature and then set it to some kind of permanent hold. That way the temperature will stay steady the whole time you’re gone.

2. Check the drain tray.


If you have units in the attic you’ll have a drip tray underneath the evaporator coil. Take a look at that tray before you leave. If you see water in there, have us come out and clear your drain line. We’ll make sure your drain is flowing properly so that you don’t come home to a ceiling that’s falling down from water leaking!

3. Have someone watch your house.


Have a close friend or relative come by and check on your house every once in awhile to make sure nothing’s dripping and everything looks good. It’s always a good idea to do this anyway, to make sure nothing else is going wrong in your house while you’re away!

We hope this helps you have a great vacation!


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